Asbestos is naturally-occurring, fibrous crystalline solid. It was historically used in numerous products, particularly insulation in structures built before 1977. Friable asbestos materials, or materials that can release loosened asbestos, are considered a health risk to those who breathe the air around said materials or who work with said materials. Due to its association with cancer, particularly mesothelioma, asbestos mitigation is taken very seriously in Washington State

As asbestos is considered an air pollutant, its regulation is handled by the local clean air authority. In the case of Benton County, this is the Benton County Clean Air Agency. Please visit their site for more information regarding the testing for and removal of asbestos in structures. In general terms, while a homeowner can perform an asbestos survey of their property prior to renovation or demolition, the mitigation and removal of asbestos must be completed by a party with the appropriate training and certification from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.


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