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A fresh, new look for Benton County
March 6, 2018

Kennewick, WA – In the coming weeks, you will start to notice updates to the Benton County look. Over the past year, Benton County team members have been working to refresh our look and refine our message. You will see a new logo and new messaging, each of which elevates the promise we are making to our citizens.

Why an updated brand?
Benton County Government means something different to each citizen and resident of our community: reliable services; solid roads and utilities; exceptional courts; steady job market; booming agricultural and technology industries. Hard work and attention to detail has helped us to transform the tax revenues of our residents into these valuable community assets. Our brand is a stamp of quality for each of the services we provide.

To make our “stamp” more visible and recognizable, we have chosen to unify and streamline our image throughout the County with a brand system that reflects our community. Whether paying property taxes, applying for a job, watching a street get repaved, or voting in an election, the residents of Benton County will see and hear a consistent message and symbol of quality service.

Our process
The Benton County brand started by listening to our employees and elected officials. Through individual interviews, small group discussions, and online surveys, the people within our organization shared their perspectives and opinions about what makes Benton County unique and distinctive.

In early 2017, Administrative and Commissioners staff began developing what the Benton County brand meant and helped bring the essence of Benton County to life. Throughout the year, employees coalesced and shared ideas with one another about what makes Benton County great, and how that could best be represented in a visual brand.

We, along with the support of Focal Point Marketing & Multimedia, reviewed our team’s feedback and other qualitative and quantitative data before brainstorming ways to give Benton County an identity that reflected the vision of our community. Our goal was to develop unique brand elements that would set Benton County apart, and would unify our organization with a singular look and voice.

At the end of the development process, three logo designs were presented to elected officials and County staff via online survey and one-on-one meetings to ensure that the work completed honored their input and best represented Benton County.

The artwork, colors, examples, and specifications provided in our brand style guide will enable users to consistently implement the Benton County brand.

Benton County Brand Guide (PDF)
Benton County Brand Guide

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