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Web Map Sample

Public Works
This GIS web map is provided by the Benton County Public Works Department. This is a great place to start if you are looking for basic mapping information.*New* Added the ability to view ROW documents and mylars with links on the map header.

Traffic Counts
Since the Public Works Department collects traffic count data on County roads, a useful map was created to give the public easy access to our findings.

The Public Works Department collects monument locations throughout Benton County with a survey grade GPS device. This map displays all of the monuments we have recorded thus far.

Road Approach
This map contains all of our past and present road approach information for Benton County.

Road Closures
This map displays all of the road closure locations in Benton County.

Snow Removal
This snow removal map displays our snow plow areas along with snow plow priorities for Benton County roads.

Utility Encroachments
This map contains all of our past and present encroachment information for Benton County.

Report a Problem
Please use this app if you notice
any obstructions or hazards on a Benton County roadway. 

Household Hazardous Waste
Collection Sites

We've developed an interactive map to find drop off locations and information about how to dispose of materials properly.


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