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Below are General Planning Department notices as well as information on Planning matters currently before the Hearings Examiner, Planning Commission, and Board of County Commissioners.  If you have any questions regarding the information here, please call us at (509) 786-5612 or use our  Contact Us form.

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The Benton County Rural Water Supply Program went into effect on February 1, 2020. Customers wishing to apply for a new subdivision, short plat, or residential building permit for a dwelling unit within the Mitigation Area are required to participate in the Program.  

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NOTICE IS GIVEN that the following applications will be considered by the Benton County Planning Commission at public hearings on Tuesday, June 9th, 2020, at 6 p.m.  Due to Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order the County Offices are closed to in person visits from the public at this time. In an effort to continue to provide public access to the Planning Commission meetings, Benton County will be providing telephonic and video access for the public to view and provide testimony at the Planning Commission meetings.

 SUB 2020-001/EA 2020-001, the preliminary plat of Grace Estates, a subdivision of 9.37 acres into 7 lots averaging 1.25 acres by Ron Wenger. 

SUB 2020-002/EA 2020-004, the preliminary plat of Orchard View, a subdivision of 107.34 acres into 91 lots with an average lot size of 1 acre by Hayden Homes 

SUB 2020-003/EA 2020-008, the preliminary plat of Shaw Vineyard Estates, a subdivision of 39 acres into 7 lots averaging 5.07 acres by Tyler Franzheim/Shaw Vineyards.

OA 2020-001 - AN ORDINANCE relating to zoning and Rural Lands Five Acre District (RL-5); amending the section relating to uses requiring a conditional use permit; amending Ordinance 611, Section 44 and BCC 11.11.060 by adding a veterinary facility as a use requiring a conditional use permit.

In order to join the meetings telephonically you will need to dial in and enter the Meeting ID and Passcode.  These links will be available on June 9th, shortly before 6 p.m.  To view the Video please use the link below.  If you choose to join the meeting telephonically, we ask that you please limit background noise or mute your line to prevent any unnecessary interruption to the meeting.

Dial 509 222 2310
Meeting ID: 5687
Passcode: 5687

Video broadcast link:

If you wish to provide comments on any of the actions before the Planning Commission, we ask that you please fill out our online form
 and submit your request to our office by Monday June 8, 2020. You must submit a request form to participate for each hearing that you wish to attend.  If you prefer to make the request by phone, please call our office at 786-5612 and we can add you to the list for providing testimony.  At the meeting the names of those wishing to testify will be called out and at that time you will be able to present your comments/concerns regarding the specific agenda item.




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