Snow & Ice Mitigation


color is a different priority: Red is 1st priority, Green is 2nd priority, Blue is 3rd priority

Snow and Ice PolicyBenton County Road Department Snow and Ice Policy

Please be aware, if a weather event occurs during plowing, plows can be called to re-start highest priority routes rather than continuing lower priority routes. If you have any questions, please contact us at (509) 786-5611 or


Q:  Why doesn't my road get plowed (or plowed more often)?
A:  The Benton County Road Department maintains county roads throughout Benton County. In order to optimize snow and ice removal, the Road Department has adopted the Snow and Ice Policy. This lays out, by region, the priority of each county road. Road Department crews work to open the highest priority road in an area before working on the next priority level. Generally, priority roads are based on classification and traffic volumes. Please note that private roads are not maintained by the Road Department and will not be cleared as part of the Snow and Ice Policy.

Q:  How long does it take for the roads to get plowed? When will you plow my road?

A:  The amount of effort required to open the roadways depends on environmental and weather conditions. For example, cold windy weather can lead to snow drifting, which will require longer to mitigate. Road Department crews will work on the highest priority roads in a region before moving onto lower priority roads. In adverse conditions, it can take hours or days to completely mitigate roadways. Please reference the maps above to see what priority your road is.

Q:  Who can I contact regarding snow and ice mitigation?

A:  The Benton County Road Department can be reached at (509) 786-5611 or (509) 736-3084 or at


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