Piert Road Extension, SR 397 to Bowles Rd
C.E. 1619 - Piert Road Extension, SR 397 to Bowles Road

This contract provides the extension of Piert Road by constructing 1.65 miles of new roadway.  The work will include, but not be limited to, clearing and grubbing, roadway excavation including haul, embankment compaction, 12 and 84 inch diameter culvert pipe, crushed surfacing aggregates, hot mix asphalt, pavement markings, illumination system and traffic control.  Other items of work include demolition of an existing residence, well abandonment, installing cement concrete railroad crossings, seeding, fertilizing, and mulching.  All permanent signing will be performed by other.  This and all other work shall be done in accordance with the Standard Specifications, the WSDOT Standard Plans and the Contract Plans and Contract Provisions listed below.

      Bid Facts
      Bid Date:  Monday -
          May 14, 2012
      Bids Due By:    1:30 p.m.
      Bids Opened:   2:00 p.m.

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