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The Hearings Examiner meets on the 3rd Monday of each month unless there is a holiday on that date or there are not enough agenda items for a hearing.  
January 15, 2018 meeting:  Cancelled
February 12, 2018 meeting:  Cancelled
March 19, 2018 meeting:  Cancelled
April 16, 2018 meeting: Cancelled

 Our next meeting is currently scheduled for May 21, 2018.






NOTICE IS GIVEN that the following ordinance amendments will be considered by the Board of County Commissioners at a public hearing on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room, Third Floor, Courthouse, Prosser WA.  All concerned persons may appear and present any support for or objections to the ordinance amendments or provide written testimony to the Board in care of the Planning Department on or before the date of the hearing.

ORDINANCE AMENDMENT BCC CHAPTER 11.04.020-Definitions - amending the definitions section; amending Ordinance 542, Section 1 and BCC 11.04.020; adding wording to the purpose of the definitions to read as follows: The terms “agricultural,” “agriculture,” “agriculturally,” “horticulture,” “agronomy,” “viticulture,” “aquaculture,” “floriculture,” “food processing,” and “farming,” shall not be construed to include or relate to marijuana, useable marijuana, or marijuana-infused products.  Adding the following definitions: “Designated Provider”, "Marijuana", "Marijuana Concentrates", "Marijuana-Infused Products", “Marijuana Processing" "Marijuana Production" "Marijuana Products", "Marijuana Retail Sales", "Medical Use of Marijuana", and “Qualifying Patient”

ORDINANCE AMENDMENT BCC CHAPTER 11.16A.030 Rural Lands 5 Acre - relating to zoning; amending the section relating to allowable uses; amending Ordinance 565, Section 1, Ordinance 583, Section 1 and BCC 11.16A.030 by deleting the following wording: “and marijuana production” (as each those terms is currently defined in RCW 69.50.101 respectively).

ORDINANCE AMENDMENT BCC CHAPTER 11.52 -General Provisions - relating to zoning; amending the section relating to prohibition of marijuana retail sales; amending the section related to non-conforming uses; amending Ordinance 590, Section 1 and BCC 11.52.062; amending Ordinance 505, Section 2, Ordinance 564 Section 1 and BCC 11.52.075.
  Amending Section 1 by adding wording regarding growing marijuana by individual qualifying patients and designated providers-allowed and Marijuana Production, growing marijuana for medical purposes and marijuana processing-not allowed.  Amending Section 2 regarding restoration of structures and creating criteria for altering non-conforming Outdoor Marijuana Production Operations. 

ORDINANCE AMENDMENT BCC TITLE 6A - Adding a new chapter relating to regulations regarding the storage and growing of marijuana for medical use under Chapter 69.51A RCW.  



The Board of County Commissioners on February 13, 2018 approved the adoption of the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update.   Please note that the decision by the Board of County Commissioners is appealable in accordance with applicable state and local laws. 

NOTICE OF ADOPTION of Ordinance #600 and Resolution 2018-137 - Approving the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update

Ordinance 600 & Resolution 2018-137 (including Exhibits A, B, B-1, C and C-1), adopting the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update and appendices A-M



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