Dallas Road Speed Limit Reduction
Posted on Monday February 27, 2017
The speed limit on Dallas Road between the Badger Mountain Trailhead access and Arena Road has been reduced from 50 MPH to 35 MPH.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2017

Contact: Benton County Road Department
publicworks@co.benton.wa.us 509-736-3084


The section of roadway with a newly implemented speed reduction to 35 MPH.

Kennewick, WA
– On January 10, 2017 the Benton County Board of Commissioners approved Resolution 2017-034, which changed the speed limits of several County roads, including Dallas Road. The speed limit on Dallas Road between the Badger Mountain Trailhead access and Arena Road has been reduced from 50 MPH to 35 MPH. New speed limit signs were posted last week.

Reason for Speed Reduction

The Benton County Road Department evaluated the speed limit reduction at the request of area residents and business owners, with the evaluation resulting in the following supporting findings:

  • Traffic volume has increased from about 1800 cars per day in 2010 to over 4000 in 2016
  • A new subdivision has started in the area, adding an intersection to this portion of road with potential for multiple cars entering and exiting the roadway
  • A private road intersection does not have sufficient sight dance for entering a 50 MPH roadway
  • New private roads, driveways, and homes have been added since initial speed was set
  • The road is on a downgrade, increasing necessary stopping distance for northbound vehicles
  • Completion of the Candy Mountain Trail has increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic between Badger Mountain and this new trail, with more expected once the Candy Mountain parking lot is completed

The section of roadway with reduced speed limit covers 0.875 miles (4600 feet), and the time difference of traveling this section at 35 MPH versus 50 MPH is 27 seconds. A reduction of speed will resolve the sight distance limitation on the private road intersection, will reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions with vehicles entering/exiting the roadway, and is consistent with the legal posted speed as Dallas Road enters the City of West Richland.

About Benton County

Benton County is a located in south-central Washington. The county seat is located in Prosser, and its largest city is Kennewick. Benton County was created on March 8, 1905 and was named after U.S. Senator Thomas Hart Benton. Benton County operates under the plural executive form of government with three commissioners and seven other elected officials. Benton County has offices located in Prosser, Kennewick, and Richland. For more information, please visit www.co.benton.wa.us.

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